Frequently Asked Questions

What is the R.E.M Spring and how does it work?

The R.E.M Spring utilizes innovative 360° technology for natural facial hair removal from the root. Twist the handles in a continuous motion, glide the spring over your skin - simple! Your R.E.M Spring comes with a comprehensive video tutorial and eBook guide.

Does using the R.E.M Spring hurt?

This is unique to each individual. The R.E.M Spring effectively removes facial hair from the root, reducing discomfort with continued use. Use quick, continuous movements and discover the most effective technique for you. Our helpful tips and guide are a solid starting point on your journey to affordable, natural facial hair removal.

Why is it important that the R.E.M Spring is made of 100% stainless steel?

Prior to applying any material on your face, ensure you know its composition and suitability for facial skin use. The R.E.M Spring, the original facial hair removal spring, is produced in a pharmaceutical-grade facility for exclusive use on facial skin with no plastic, chemicals, or unknown substances.

Who is behind the R.E.M Spring?

The R.E.M Spring was created by two sisters seeking an easier, faster, budget-friendly method to eliminate facial hair that is natural and suitable for all skin types. It is now a top choice among women worldwide for facial hair removal.

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